The start of my journey as a photographer was with music, and being in the music capital of the world has been the perfect place to begin my career. I filled my weekends running around venues and festivals and found it incredibly rewarding. These days, you're much more likely to find me shooting weddings, ediotorials for magazines, or almost any kind of portraiture that comes my way. Life has a way of changing like that on you, but honestly I've enjoyed every moment. As I look back I see that starting in concert photography had it's advantages because I learned my craft in the harshest of lighting, and kept my eyes peeled for moments that were worth capturing but only lasted a millisecond. These are lessons learned that I carry with me to every wedding, every engagement session, every time I'm chasing a laughing baby.

I do have to admit, if Coldplay asks me to go on tour with them, I might have to put everything else on hold.

What it comes down to is that I thrive on connecting with the people around me. There is something to admire and learn in every person I meet. When I'm working, my aim is to embrace the unique and beautiful characteristics that make you extraordinary, and reveal those qualities to the world. No matter the occasion, I am confident in my abilities to represent you and your vision.